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White Elephant Nantucket, Art Collection
Art Collection


In keeping with White Elephant's artistic legacy, we created an Artist in Residence . Seven artists, spending time on the island, have created newly commissioned art that is meaningful to Nantucket and shared throughout the hotels. The artists explored the island to gather inspiration for their works, venturing to some parts of the island only accessible by boat.




New York based art consultant and curator Emily Santangelo worked closely with White Elephant's owners, the Karp family, to create a mini-residency made up for acclaimed artists from around the world. The brief was simple: to create original works that are authentic to the island and inspire guests to explore the island to find these views. To learn more about the artists and their inspirations or to enjoy piece of White Elephant at home, contact us. 

Greta van Campen

Landscape painter

Greta Van Campen is a painter from Maine known for her contemporary hard-edged landscapes. Greta is represented by and work can be seen at On Center Gallery in Provincetown, MA , Dowling Walsh Gallery in  Rockland, ME and Octavia Gallery in New Orleans, LA.

Mary Chandler


Proximity to the shoreline creates an atmosphere that resonates in Mary Chandler's paintings. Inspired by Nantucket's beautiful light and historic architecture, Mary decided to pursue a career in painting. In 2000 Mary was commissioned by to create a watercolor rendering of the renovation of the White Elephant hotel. For the newest iteration of White Elephant, Mary has created nine watercolors for the nine newly renovated cottages, all inspired by the indigenous Nantucket flora and fauna for which the cottages are named.
Orit Fuchs

Orit Fuchs


The lobby has been redesigned with an expanded retail space, hospitality station and a new, more approachable concierge & reception areas. Behind the reception area, a specially commissioned large-scale art piece by Orit Fuch's, features the quintessential Nantucket lady reflecting in a rowboat, floating by White Elephant. Each detail was chosen to reflect classic island style from the nautical stripes and hat to the "Nantucket Red" shorts. Orit's work can also be seen in the lobby of White Elephant Palm Beach.

Thomas Jackson

Installation photographer

Thomas Jackson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. A self-taught artist (with the exception a number of classes at the International Center of Photography in New York), Jackson has pioneered a unique working process that combines landscape photography, sculpture, and kinetic art.
Clara Hallencreutz

Clara Hallencreutz


Clara is an artist engaged with transforming and recontextualizing the shape and form of objects. Clara's work has been exhibited in the USA, France, England, China, Australia and in her home country, Sweden. 

"I create conceptual art photography with the ultimate aim of being self-sufficient and democratic, for everyone to enjoy. It is not meant to be prescriptive and does not require explanation. Often my images portray small-scale installations painted with a pop artist palette. Exploration and experimentation with colour, form, and perspective create transformed and surreal objects that are not typically seen"

Renée Levin


Renée Levin, best known for her modern depictions of coastal and natural objects, simultaneously challenges and enchants her audience. Piece by piece, she continues to explore a world of unlimited natural beauty calmly and meticulously, with the courage to recognize and celebrate the grit and harsh truths revealed in its details. She invites her viewers to accompany her as she searches for new land, each work like a map of some previously unknown stretch of coastline.
Barrie Fee Sanders

Barrie Fee Sanders


Printmaker Barrie Fee Sanders is a native and resident of Nantucket, MA. Her hand carved woodblocks and screen prints draw inspiration from her island adventures and favorite places. Barrie began printmaking in college when she created the ubiquitous Something Natural Nantucket flower image which has graced both loaves of bread and automobile bumpers for over four decades. Recently, she was commissioned to create the woodblock art for Something Natural's sister business, Pink Salt Sourdough, as well as artwork for Pip & Anchor, Nantucket